Wednesday, 30 March 2016

DIY T-Shirt Painting | Little Mermaid

Okay now here’s our new try on T-shirt with colorful hues, spray paints and yes not to forget our creativity. The very fun activity that even make a great way to “your style dressing”. You will definitely be happy when you apply acrylic paint on fabric followed by some tips and tutorials. Once you start this fun and easy craft, you will get into this!

This type of art also brings up your passion, the hidden thoughts, and imaginations that you can either draw or write or can paint on fabric. This is something cleverly inspired to use on those field days. Let's watch How it’s done. 

Step 1 :

Materials you will need
  • Any color fabric paint/ Acrylic paint
  • Any color plain t-shirt (Prefer the light shades)
  • Brushes and Magic Tape
  • Toothbrush or Spray Brush
  • Hair Dryer (Optional)

Then, Draw your sketch on T-shirt using any color pen.

Step 2 :

Fill the colors with fabric color. Start coloring the outlining first with the thin brush for a finished look .

Step 3:

Air Dry the t-shirt using Hair Dryer or just leave it for few minutes so that the paint get dries.

Step 4:

We painted the back as well you may skip this part, it’s all upto you.

  • Paste the text of your choice using magic tape
  • Sprinkle Colors using spray brush or spray pen
  • Gently remove the tape when paint gets dry

Go on and paint your imaginations right now!

Friday, 18 March 2016

5 Daily Makeup Hacks that Every Girl should Know!

Finally we found the right use of makeup | accessories to beautify your face in just minutes. Go ahead! Build your confidence, move your persona in the right shade of glamour. By simply following few easy makeup tips | without going to the salon can transfer you into diva, specially when you have your big day.    

Here are five ultimate guides to daily makeup that even fits in your budget!

1.                   Use your concealer in atriangle shape under your eye.

2.                   Use your eye shadow powder asan eye Liner 

3.                   Use your lip liner as aLipstick

4.                   Use your lip liner or lipstickas your blush

Friday, 4 March 2016

The First day of Summer | Casual Time

Summers include many hues of fashion. These may be styling yourself to casual dressing to hippie clothing to those admiration clothing ideas. Digital and modern prints are in trend these days, not only in summery | cute outfits but also in home d├ęcor items. We travel, learn, grow, workout, run, meet, love, share and keep going in life, all we remember in a single sheet is statements of fashion so, we do carry along. 

Now discover the newest trends in fashion this summer 2016. We are here to provide you with basic | dressing tips for casual offices or regular dress up or clothing tips for a weekend excursion and even |dressing ideas for hangouts with friends

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

DIY Hairstyles|Twisted Beaded Fishtail Pony

Steps of Making|Quick and easyretro hairstyles|Cute fishtail breaded Hairstyle|Women's day Special

Hair styling defines your personality. Styling your hair is a beautiful artwork that allows you to show off the hidden diva in you. Well! A few hair styling tips can be awesome. Go with braids, it’s good for date nights or just hanging out with your friends. An exquisite | fishtail Pony will make you look best and all eyes will be on you this | women's day 2016.
To make a statement or further styling add tiny flowers to your Fishtail Braid!

Accessories You Need:

  • 1 hair/Rubber Band
  • A Hair comb
  • Cute/ Fancy Hair clips

Hair Tutorial for Twisted Beaded Fishtail Pony:

*Step1 -Comb your Hair properly
*Step2 -Twist braids your Hair from Front (3-4 beads)
*Step3 -Then, fix the braids with fancy hair clips
*Step4 -Divide the Hair into 2 stocks and cross each other for braiding
*Step5 -Control the tightness as you like
*Step6 -Use some more pins/clips if needed