Tuesday, 1 March 2016

DIY Hairstyles|Twisted Beaded Fishtail Pony

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Hair styling defines your personality. Styling your hair is a beautiful artwork that allows you to show off the hidden diva in you. Well! A few hair styling tips can be awesome. Go with braids, it’s good for date nights or just hanging out with your friends. An exquisite | fishtail Pony will make you look best and all eyes will be on you this | women's day 2016.
To make a statement or further styling add tiny flowers to your Fishtail Braid!

Accessories You Need:

  • 1 hair/Rubber Band
  • A Hair comb
  • Cute/ Fancy Hair clips

Hair Tutorial for Twisted Beaded Fishtail Pony:

*Step1 -Comb your Hair properly
*Step2 -Twist braids your Hair from Front (3-4 beads)
*Step3 -Then, fix the braids with fancy hair clips
*Step4 -Divide the Hair into 2 stocks and cross each other for braiding
*Step5 -Control the tightness as you like
*Step6 -Use some more pins/clips if needed

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