Wednesday, 24 February 2016

DIY Hairstyles|How to make a DonutBun|Easy Donut Bun Tutorial

Are you looking for a hairstyle to carry on bad hair days? Or you want to try a new hairstyle for your office? You have the answer here; this | Donut Bun tutorial is perfect for everyday office styling. It goes well with your formal attire and adds beauty to your fashion. More than that, it’s very easy to create and doesn’t take much of time. You will Love it all the time!

Accessories You Need –

1.       Hair Donut
2.       2 Rubber Bands
3.       Small Hair Clip
4.       A Bow Clip (Optional)

1.       Tie a High Pony
2.       Put on The Donut
3.       Spread Your Hair Evenly
4.       Put Another Band on It
5.       Shove the Remaining Hair Under The Rubber Band watch the below video for the tutorial here 

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